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Qianwei Yangchu · Beilun Tasting Hot in Changsha

Qianwei dynamics

Qianwei Yangchu · Beilun Tasting Hot in Changsha

Qianwei Yangchu Food May 21

Qianwei Yangchu · Beilun Tasting was successfully held in Changsha on May 20


Qianwei Yangchu · Beilun Tasting


Nearly 50 terminal customers in Hunan participated in the tasting event at the site.


Firstly, He Rong, Deputy Manager of Snack Business Department of Hunan Houpu Company, the organizer, gave a speech at the scene. Then Yuan Yang, Sales Engineer of Qianwei Yangchu, introduced the company, and the application methods and scenarios of the products exhibited in detail to the guests.


He Rong, Deputy Manager of Snack Business Department of Hunan Houpu Company


Yuan Yang, Sales Engineer of Qianwei Yangchu

The products exhibited this time are mainly products of Beilun. The customers felt intuitively the Beiluns solutions on prepared semi-finished products in baking, coffee, tea, and western food through kitchen processing and scene-based application.

Product applications

In the tasting part, Qianwei Yangchu prepared croissant series, cookie series, fried dough sticks, spring rolls and other products, and received enthusiastic feedback and praise from the customers on the spot. The customers took the initiative to go to the product display area to learn about the product.

In addition to a lot of delicious food, Qianwei Yangchu and the organizer Houpu Company also brought a lot of practical knowledge to the participating customers at the scene, and discussed how to create high-value meals with semi-finished products and how to formulaically analyze the relationship between restaurants flow and customer unit price in a scientific way. They interacted with customers on the spot to deepen customer understanding and invigorate the on-site atmosphere.


In addition to providing baked prepared semi-finished products, the tasting also symbolized that Houpu would further strengthen cooperation with Qianwei Yangchu to build jointly the Hunan market into a benchmark market and jointly bring good products and services to the market in Hunan.