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"Beilun", a brand under Qianwei Yangchu, debut at The 23rd Bakery China 2021

Qianwei dynamics

"Beilun", a brand under Qianwei Yangchu, debut at The 23rd Bakery China 2021

Qianwei Yangchu Food Apr 29

The 23rd Bakery China 2021 was grandly held in Shanghai New International Expo Centre from Apr 27 to 30. As a high-end event in the baking industry, this exhibition attracted many well-known exhibitors in baking ingredients, appliances, packaging, and training institutions. As an emerging baking brand, "Beilun" has undoubtedly become a rising star in the exhibition.

"Beilun" is a sub-brand of Zhengzhou Qianwei Yangchu Food Co., Ltd. Zhengzhou Qianwei Yangchu Food Co., Ltd. is one of the earliest enterprises producing Portuguese egg tart skins in China. Taking the opportunity, in 2019, Zhengzhou Qianwei Yangchu Food Co., Ltd. decided to make full use of the production advantages of the factory and enter the baking field with the brand "Beilun", to provide customized services for customers in light meal, afternoon tea, desserts and other products such as baking, western food, tea, coffee, and other customized exclusive products.

Star product afternoon tea, fast to enjoy baked food


Although Beilun is a relatively new brand, relying on the nearly 10 years of professional baking service experience of Qianwei Yangchu, it is already well-known brand in the industry and has the experience in serving international top western food customers. It can produce croissants, waffles, western pastry, and other popular categories of western food according to the market development.


Three scene experience: integrating product and scene

In the exhibition, Beilun restored the product application scenarios and set up three immersive product experience areas for the guests: "coffee shop", "baking shop", and "tea shop". The novel exhibition arrangement attracted a large number of professional visitors.

Popularity at the event site

Beilun set up a tasting area for the exhibition, which was crowded with people and attracted a large number of visitors to taste the products.

The on-site negotiation atmosphere was enthusiastic. The professional sales team provided consulting services for customers, and answered customers’ questions, and introduced products, cooperation models, etc., and its professional customized services have also been recognized by many customers.

Beilun is committed to providing customers with customized product solutions, turning our central factory into customers' central factory, truly helping the new development of baking, and becoming a leader in the field of semi-finished baking products.