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Vice President of China Cuisine Association visited Qianwei Yangchu

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Vice President of China Cuisine Association visited Qianwei Yangchu

Qianwei Yangchu Food Jun 3

Tong Lin, Vice President and Secretary-General of Chinese Cuisine Association, visited Qianwei Yangchu. Sun Jian, Board Chairman of Qianwei Yangchu, and Niu Fazhi, VIP Customer Department Director received on the site on the morning of Jun 2.

The staff of Qianwei Yangchu played the company's promotional video on the spot and explained the company's development history, marketing model and product features in detail. President Tong praised Qianwei Yangchu from heart when he learnt that Qianwei Yangchu should have so many styles and categories only in the field of fried dough sticks, President Tong expressed his sincere admiration. In terms of Qianwei's traditional dough sticks, he said, “it is the authentic taste of hometown, and it must be very popular!”


Subsequently, the leaders of both parties had an in-depth talk about the future layout and development of Qianwei Yangchu. President Tong asked about the company's new areas of deep cultivation in the future. Mr. Niu explained in detail from three aspects including transforming major customer products into circulation products, development of baking market, and development of frozen preparation products.

President Tong also introduced in detail the specific functions of China Cuisine Association and made preliminary ideas for the future cooperation model between both parties. President Tong said that the association had the advantage of customer resource, and Qianwei Yangchu had the advantage of product and R&D. Relying on the complementary advantages, both parties could achieve the goal of double empowerment. Mr. Niu agreed with the cooperation model proposed by President Tong and further elaborated on the cooperation ideas between both parties.


This meeting enhanced the mutual understanding between China Cuisine Association and Qianwei Yangchu and laid the foundation for the further cooperation between both parties. The complementary advantages of the association and the enterprise will certainly inject new momentum into the development of both parties.