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Heavy! Qianwei Yangchu was selected as the provincial key leading enterprises in agricultural indust


Heavy! Qianwei Yangchu was selected as the provincial key leading enterprises in agricultural industrialization

Qianwei Yangchu Food Jan 5

It was stated in the document issued by Henan Provincial Peoples Government recently that: According to "Administrative Measures for the Identification and Operation Monitoring of Henan Provincial Key Leading Enterprises in Agricultural Industrialization", Henan Provincial People’s Government decided to adjust the provincial key leading enterprises in agricultural industrialization. The list of 893 provincial key leading enterprises in agricultural industrialization is hereby announced. As an important supplier of quick-frozen rice and flour products, Zhengzhou Qianwei Yangchu Food Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Qianwei Yangchu") was included in the list.


It is learnt that provincial key leading enterprises in agricultural industrialization implement dynamic management and elimination though competition. The enterprises are monitored and evaluated regularly through dynamic monitoring and management, selected and recommended by the municipalities and counties directly under the province, and solicited the opinions of the institutional members of provincial agricultural industrialization joint conference and expert review. The provincial key leading enterprises identified and announced enjoy the relevant preferential policies.

The newly identified 893 Henan provincial key leading enterprises in agricultural industrialization are mostly large-scale agricultural enterprise groups in various places of Henan developed in recent years. They played an important role in advancing supply-side structural reform in agriculture, guiding the development of rural industries, promoting employment and increasing farmers' incomes, and poverty alleviation. Of which, 49 enterprises are from Zhengzhou. As a famous quick-frozen food manufacturer in China, the selection of Qianwei Yangchu this time is undoubtedly the best affirmation of the company's value in the field of agricultural industrialization.

Founded in 2012, Qianwei Yangchu is an enterprise integrating the R&D, production and sales enterprise of quick-frozen rice and flour products for catering enterprises. Qianwei Yangchu has developed rapidly since its establishment with the features of profession, leading, and innovation. It cultivates deeply in the industry, especially in the field of catering integrants supply. By independent innovation and intensive cultivation in the catering supply chain, it has developed the quick-frozen food and technical support systems that adapt to the processing, kitchen equipment and chef-operation of chain catering enterprises, provided customized and standard quick-frozen foods and related catering kitchen solutions to catering enterprises and created an integrated catering supply chain. 


From "quick-frozen food manufacturer" to "catering supply chain", focusing on the strategic positioning of "only for catering and chefs", Qianwei Yangchu is committed to the standardization of traditional Chinese food, doing well catering ingredients supply, and creating it to be the "super kitchen" in the supply chain system".

After the selection as a provincial key leading enterprise in agricultural industrialization, Qianwei Yangchu will take the initiative to give full play to the advantages of resource agglomeration, industry leadership, and market development to make new contributions to the agricultural development of the province.