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Qianwei Yangchu won Business Model Innovation Award of China Catering Innovation Conference


Qianwei Yangchu won Business Model Innovation Award of China Catering Innovation Conference

Qianwei Yangchu Food Mar 17

Qianwei Yangchu was invited to participate in the 6th China Catering Innovation Conference in Beijing and won Business Model Innovation Award.

Qianwei Yangchu gathered with the heads of various catering brands to discuss how the catering industry could turn crises into opportunities in Beijing on Mar 17th.


The conference is divided into four chapters: "seeking opportunities in crisis", "reconstructing the situation", "growth upward", and "spring blooming".


Xin Tao, Secretary General of China Tourist Hotel Association addressed opening speech. Then, Qin Chao, the Founder and CEO of China Restaurant Insider, discussed the topic of crisis and transition with everyone. Zhang Zhenwei, Founder and CEO of Coucou Catering, Huang Jinshuan, General Manager of KFC brand and other big shots also shared the practical knowledge on the development and innovation of catering brands in the warm atmosphere.





Qianwei Yangchu won the Best Business Model Innovation Award at the 6th China Catering Innovation Conference, which is a full affirmation of Qianwei Yangchu in the catering supply chain industry.



The epidemic in 2020 accelerated the reshuffle of the catering industry and brought opportunities for the development of catering chains and branding. It was further impacted to promote the further digging into the subdivision and specialization of various supply chains, equipment supply, and visual presentation in the catering industry. Take supply chain, especially for catering chain enterprises, as an example, it has become a must-see high ground. Reliable and diversified suppliers can become an important bargaining chip for corporate brand accumulation and market competition.


Qianwei Yangchu has been committed to providing customized solutions for catering chains. In the future, we will continue to focus on the catering supply chain industry and take advantage of the historical opportunity of the booming Chinese market to create the first high-level share in catering supply chain, and become a safe, customized, international and professional excellent food enterprise.