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Li Xi'an, Deputy Mayor of Zhengzhou City, visited Qianwei Yangchu for research and guidance


Li Xi'an, Deputy Mayor of Zhengzhou City, visited Qianwei Yangchu for research and guidance

Qianwei Yangchu Food Jul 16


Li Xi'an, Deputy Mayor of Zhengzhou City, visited Qianwei Yangchu for research and guidance, and expressed support and affirmation for Qianwei Yangchu's continuous innovation and development direction.

On the morning of Jul 16, Li Xi'an, Deputy Mayor of Zhengzhou City, and Feng Weiping, Deputy Secretary-General of Zhengzhou Municipal Peoples Government, visited Zhengzhou Qianwei Yangchu Food Co., Ltd. for research and guidance with the leaders from Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, Municipal Urban Construction Bureau, Municipal Grain and Material Reserve Bureau, Municipal Agricultural Committee, the Third Department of the Municipal People’s Government, Hi-tech Zone Management Committee, and other departments. Sun Jian, Board Chairman of Qianwei Yangchu, and Xu Zhenjiang, Board Secretary of Qianwei Yangchu warmly received the leaders.


In the conference room of Qianwei Yangchu in Hi-tech Zone, Sun Jian, Board Chairman of Qianwei Yangchu, first expressed warm welcome to the leaders and both parties discussed on the development of the enterprise.


Sun Jian, Board Chairman of Qianwei Yangchu

Deputy Mayor Li said that this research is to implement the activity of arranging 10,000 cadres to assist 10,000 enterprises” proposed by CPC Henan Committee and Henan Provincial Peoples Government to understand the current situation of the enterprise, and see the problems in the development and operation. The government will give full support.


Li Xi'an, Deputy Mayor of Zhengzhou City

Subsequently, Mr. Xu, Board Secretary of Qianwei Yangchu, introduced the basic situation of the company: As a catering supply chain enterprise, To B business is a major feature of Qianwei Yangchu, and the main customers of the company are catering chain enterprises. As the leading enterprise in the food supply chain, Qianwei Yangchu has always been holding the direction of unremitting pursuit to achieve the first in the industry and lead the development of the industry. The company has developed rapidly in recent years.


Xu Zhenjiang, Board Secretary of Qianwei Yangchu

In terms of future planning, the company’s Board Chairman Sun Jian said that the company attached great importance to product R&D, and would build a headquarters base and R&D center in Hi-tech Zone in the future. Deputy Mayor Li agreed with the decision of building R&D center, and expressed to support strongly the company's R&D activities. R&D is the vitality of a company, and a company should have an advanced consciousness and arrange in advance to maintain the vigorous vitality.


In the future, Qianwei Yangchu will continue to maintain the leading growth momentum in the industry, focus on the needs of customer scenarios, keep innovation, develop suitable products, and ultimately form the new growth points of the company.