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Rushing to Zhengzhou to help with disaster relief, Qianwei Yangchu donated batches of quick-frozen f


Rushing to Zhengzhou to help with disaster relief, Qianwei Yangchu donated batches of quick-frozen food for emergency aid

Qianwei central food July 23


Disasters are no mercy, but people do. Zhengzhou in Henan suffered heavy rains over the past few days, and many Chinese enterprises stepped forward to fight floods and rushed to provide emergency aids to rescue Zhengzhou.

Zhengzhou Qianwei Yangchu Food Co., Ltd., also located in the core area of the disaster, overcame difficulties to donate batches of quick-frozen food in an emergency.



On the afternoon of Jul 22, under the leadership of CNDCA Zhengzhou Municipal Party Committee, Qianwei Yangchu jointed hands with Jinshui District Emergency Management Bureau to donate living materials and quick-frozen food to the people of Jinshui District, and actively assisted the government in rescue, solving problems for the people with practical actions. Sun Li, Deputy Director of the Standing Committee of Zhengzhou Municipal People’s Congress and Chairman of CNDCA Zhengzhou Municipal Committee, Bai Jinli, Secretary-General of CNDCA Zhengzhou Municipal Committee, Yang Jie, Executive Deputy District Mayor of Jinshui District, Pan Jiechang, Deputy District Mayor of Jinshui District, and Ku Guangyao, Director of Jinshui District Emergency Management Bureau attended the donation ceremony.


On the morning of Jul 23, led by Zhengzhou Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone Management Committee, Qianwei Yangchu donated daily necessities and frozen food to Shifo Office in Zhengzhou Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone and showed condolences to the working staff on the front-line of flood prevention and rescue and the victims. Zhao Delin, Deputy Director of Shifo Office in Zhengzhou Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone, attended the donation ceremony and awarded a certificate of honor to Qianwei Yangchu.


After the heavy rain disaster broke in Zhengzhou, the company’s leadership concerned the situation of the disaster, urgently coordinated resources from all round to support Zhengzhou. It rushed to deploy fried dough sticks, milk-flavored steamed buns, steamed creamy buns, cartoon buns and others from Zhengzhou Jiangshan Cold Storage, and delivered them to Zhengzhou Jinshui District Emergency Management Bureau and Shifo Office in Hi-tech Zone assist rescuers and disaster-stricken people.





Since the evening of Jul 19, Zhengzhou experienced heavy rainfall, which has been unprecedented in a century. Jinshui District Emergency Management Bureau and Shifo Office of Hi-tech Zone actively played the coordinating role, engaged in flood fighting and rescue, and participated in many rescue and evacuations to protect the personal and property safety of the masses.

As a local enterprise in Henan, Qianwei Yangchu was also affected by heavy rains and floods. The company's production, operation and employees' commuting encountered certain tests. Facing the flood situation, the company activated the emergency management system as soon as possible, arranged personnel to contact all employees to understand and verify the personal safety of employees and the impact on their life, ensure employees' safety, encouraged employees to work at home, properly arranged for the employees stranded in the factory, ensured the supply of food and water, and arranged personnel to strengthen the prevention of the two major production plants in Zhengzhou and Xinxiang. At present, the personnel and materials in the production plants are safe and we are trying our best to guarantee the production.

Qianwei Yangchu will actively fulfill its corporate responsibilities, pay close attention to the progress of the rescue in Zhengzhou, and continue to donate anti-flood supplies according to social needs to overcome the difficulties together with the people of Zhengzhou.