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Qianwei Yangchu was heavily reported by CCTV-2 and the reason was...


Qianwei Yangchu was heavily reported by CCTV-2 and the reason was...

Oct 29, 2021 Memorabilia

As a Chinese enterprise positioned in the catering supply chain earlier, Qianwei Yangchu's rapid development in recent years is obvious to all. Qianwei Yangchu is one of the enterprises that mostly have the voice in the central kitchen and semi-finished catering supply market in China.

I believe that many friends who care about Qianwei Yangchu saw a video of CCTV-2 yesterday.

This news video was from the Economic News broadcasted on CCTV-2 at 8:30 PM everyday. CCTV focused and reported on the topic of "the new model of catering supply" with two minutes, reporting the booming central kitchen and catering supply chain in recent years, and believing that this model has changed the operating mode of the catering industry and it is a new format.


In the news, Qianwei Yangchu was largely and heavily reported, its handmade egg tart workshop, pastry workshop, cold storage of finished products and logistics truck were all shown to every Chinese people under the lens of CCTV, and there were close-up shots for some products.


The partners of Qianwei Yangchu were also put on the pictures.


Xu Zhenjiang, vice president of Qianwei Yangchu, was interviewed by the reporter at the scene, and explained in detail of the order mode of Qianwei Yangchu and catering enterprises.


Why is Qianwei Yangchu so "favored" by CCTV? What are the reasons behind the heavy report?

It turned out that this was a news plan of CCTV-2. CCTV keenly felt the rapid development of central kitchens in recent years. With the rise of chain catering enterprises, more and more catering enterprises choose suitable semi-finished product suppliers. The market is growing rapidly and it is a new format. In news gathering, many people in the industry recommended Qianwei Yangchu, thinking that Qianwei Yangchu is very representative in the field. So CCTV reporters Zhang Wenjie and Liao Wenzheng made a special trip to Qianwei Yangchu Factory in Xinxiang City, Henan Province for interviews and reports.




As a Chinese enterprise positioned in the catering supply chain earlier, Qianwei Yangchu has been adhering to the business philosophy of "only for catering and chefs", and will provide more high-quality and assured products and services to Chinese and foreign catering enterprises.