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Qianwei Yangchu has passed the review of CSRC, and will become the first catering supply chain compa


Qianwei Yangchu has passed the review of CSRC, and will become the first catering supply chain company listed in A-share 

Qianwei Yangchu Food Jul 8


01 The gross profit margin of Qianwei Yangchu is rising year by year, keeping its leading role in the catering supply chain

Zhengzhou Qianwei Yangchu Food Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Qianwei Yangchu), a giant in the catering supply chain of quick-frozen rice and flour products, passed the review of CSRC today and will be listed on the Main-board Market of Shenzhen Stock Exchange in the near future, which means that the "first share in the catering supply chain" will be born.

In the IPO, Qianwei Yangchu plans to raise 409 million yuan, with the participation of Jingdong, Juewei, etc.


According to its prospectus, Qianwei Yangchu was established in 2012 and changed to a joint stock company in 2016. It is one of the earliest suppliers providing customized and standard quick-frozen rice and flour products solutions for business catering enterprises (including hotels, canteens, rural kitchens, etc.) in China.

Qianwei Yangchu handled tutoring registration with CSRC Henan Supervisory Bureau as early as May 24, 2017, and reached a pre-listing tutoring agreement with Guodu Securities in Mar 2019. Qianwei Yangchu plans to issue no more than 21.28 million shares in this IPO for the processing and construction project of its subsidiary Xinxiang Qianwei Food (Phase III), and the construction projects of headquarters base and R&D center.


02 Why is Qianwei Yangchu?

In the field of catering supply chain, Qianwei Yangchu has become the leader in quick-frozen rice and flour products.

According to the prospectus, Qianwei Yangchu was established on Apr 25, 2012, mainly engaging in is the R&D, production and sales of quick-frozen rice and flour products for catering enterprises. Its main products include fried dough sticks, egg tarts, Chiba tofu, pee meatballs, etc.

It has cooperated with many well-known chain brands and its first-mover advantage is clear. Qianwei Yangchu has won a number of catering chain business customers such as  Dicos, and has become the strategic partner of many Chinese catering chains including Kung Fu, Yonho soybean milk, and Jiumaojiu.


According to the prospectus, relying on unceasing R&D, innovation and improvement of the quality of products, Qianwei Yangchu will keep a foothold and dig deep in the field of catering supply chain to provide catering customers with more customized semi-finished food products. Driven by "innovation + service + specialty + capital", Qianwei Yangchu will firmly grasp the industry trend of catering enterprise chaining, keep its rapid growth, and hold its leading role in the catering supply chain.

In terms of development goals, Qianwei Yangchu expressed that: firstly, we should keep the leading growth momentum in the industry, with the annual net profit compound growth rate of at least double digits; secondly, we should hold the leading position in rice and flour products, and create 3 to 5 core categories exceeding 100 million yuan based on the existing products; thirdly, we should focus on the needs in customers' scenarios, break the limits of rice and flour products, explore the product breakthroughs in non-rice flour products, develop suitable products, and finally create the new growth points for the company .


03 The catering supply chain enters the road of "rapid development"

In recent years, the development and maturity of chaining force the reform of supply chain: more and more catering enterprises tend to focus on production and processing or unified procurement of food ingredients, low-temperature delivery to stores and other sales terminals, and achieve the seamless docking between quick-frozen flour and rice products and catering enterprises, and the catering supply chain market of the quick-frozen industry was born. Relying on its foundation of quick-frozen rice and flour products, Qianwei Yangchu has gained great room for development. Although it is shown in the prospectus that the company is in the industry "C1432 quick-frozen food manufacturing", Qianwei Yangchu, established in 2012, has always positioned itself as a "catering supply chain" rather than a "quick-frozen food processing factory." At present, the catering supply chain of quick-frozen rice and flour products has the situation of all-round development, but compared with the retail market, the market is still in the stage of market expansion and product development, while not in the stage of fierce competition in prices, channels, etc. At present, the Chinese catering supply chain is just started, and some large Chinese catering supply chain enterprises, such as Yihai International (the supply chain company of Haidilao), have been listed in Hong Kong and well received by the capital market after listing.

The listing of Qianwei Yangchu marks that the catering supply chain has entered the road of "rapid development", which will greatly encourage Chinese catering supply chain enterprises.

(Source of the content: China Restaurant Insider)