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Qianwei yangchu takes the simulation of restaurant back kitchen technology as the design concept and the saving of restaurant back kitchen cost as the product design criterion. The leading quick freezing technology locks the nutrition of fresh ingredients, and 360 degree monitoring ensures that each package of products can be safely delivered out of the warehouse. Raw material safety monitoring is also the key to the work of Qianwei yangchu. All raw materials are selected from suppliers with guaranteed brand quality. They can be put into storage after passing the inspection to ensure the safety of production materials; The three inspection system is implemented for the inspection of finished products. The self inspection of the production unit, the special inspection of the quality management department and the regular sampling inspection of the entrusted external inspection organization constitute an independent and complementary quality inspection system to ensure that the ex factory qualification rate of products is 100%

Custom service
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Guard the safety and delicacy of your tongue from the source to the terminal!

Raw material control

select upstream suppliers, cooperate with suppliers to establish vegetable bases throughout the country, guide suppliers' vegetable planting, promote standardized planting, and ensure the quality of raw materials and products.

Quick freezing technology

The use of nano ice crystal fresh locking technology will not damage the cell tissue, and the nutritional juice of the product will not be lost during reheating, so as to retain the original nutrition and taste of the food to the greatest extent.

Cold chain transportation

It has a large automatic low-temperature three-dimensional cold storage, which can load 38000 tons of products. The temperature of low-temperature three-dimensional warehouse is accurately controlled at - 20 ° C to ensure product quality.

Food safety system

Upstream supplier management, raw and auxiliary material acceptance, production process monitoring, workshop health management and finished product inspection. Ensure food quality and safety.