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Food safety

It has passed fssc22000 international food system safety certification, ISO22000 food system certification, HACCP system certification, ISO9001 quality system certification and BRC food safety system class a certification


Food safety
Quality choice
Guard the safety and delicacy of your tongue from the source to the terminal!

Raw material control

select upstream suppliers, cooperate with suppliers to establish vegetable bases throughout the country, guide suppliers' vegetable planting, promote standardized planting, and ensure the quality of raw materials and products.

Quick freezing technology

The use of nano ice crystal fresh locking technology will not damage the cell tissue, and the nutritional juice of the product will not be lost during reheating, so as to retain the original nutrition and taste of the food to the greatest extent.

Cold chain transportation

It has a large automatic low-temperature three-dimensional cold storage, which can load 38000 tons of products. The temperature of low-temperature three-dimensional warehouse is accurately controlled at - 20 ° C to ensure product quality.

Food safety system

Upstream supplier management, raw and auxiliary material acceptance, production process monitoring, workshop health management and finished product inspection. Ensure food quality and safety.