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Committed to providing customers with comprehensive supply solutions

  • Cooperation


    Regard customers as partners, compete and cooperate with competitors, constantly expand the scope of cooperation and build a group of strategic partners

  • Friendship


    Establish friendship and reputation in operation and cooperation, and further expand operation and deepen cooperation through friendship and reputation

  • Win-win


    Create value for customers with first-class products and services, mutual benefit and achieve a win-win situation

  • Development


    Based on the long term, pursue harmony and strive to achieve coordinated development with partners, customers, society and environment

Recruitment information
  • Sales Representative
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    Job description:

    1. Responsible for completing the sales tasks assigned by the company

    2. Be responsible for the cooperation and management of dealers and distributors in the region, and complete phased promotion activities

    3. Be responsible for timely transmitting the company's relevant sales and promotion policies, and assisting the dealers to implement them; Manage inventory and sales items

    4. Responsible for the development and maintenance of end customers in the region, visit important traditional channels according to the visit route, and strengthen the control of the end market

    5. Be responsible for visiting dealers regularly, supervising the daily operation of dealers, and establishing dealer data files

    6. Collect and summarize market information and competitive product information, and fill in work-related reports

    Job requirements:

    1. College degree or above

    2. More than 1-3 years of first-line FMCG enterprises, familiar with modern channels, traditional channels, special channels, etc., and have certain operation experience

    3. Understand business negotiation and sales skills

    4. Have certain communication, coordination and negotiation skills, and strong sales execution

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