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Brand overview
Zhengzhou Qianwei Yangchu Food Co., Ltd

Zhengzhou Qianwei Central Kitchen Food Co., Ltd., established in 2012, is committed to providing comprehensive supply solutions for catering, hotels and group canteens; It has independent operation mechanism and excellent business model. Adhering to the strategic positioning of "only for catering and chefs". Provide food supply solutions for catering customers; In China, hotel banquets, fast food chains and Qianwei central kitchen have become the choice of more chefs.

Brand history


360 degree dead angle free food operation monitoring system;

Raw material procurement compliance system higher than national standards;

Control and manage the whole process traceability code and finished product quality;

Constant temperature quick freezing traceable cold chain system.


Customize the exclusive products according to the kitchen electric equipment of customers;

Professional B2B product customization service;

Have complete simulated kitchen equipment;

Professional services for you.


Global food supply vision;

International quality control and production;

Passed fssc22000 international food system safety certification;

HACCP system certification and IS022000 food system certification;

IS09001 quality system certification.


It has an enterprise technology R & D center recognized by the state;

Two R & D bases in Zhengzhou and Shanghai;

Restaurant simulation process of star chef + senior R & D Engineer;

Concept presentation and concept industrialization realize system services.

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